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Ceiling Cladding 250mm

Ceiling Cladding 250mm

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Ceiling Cladding:250mm.
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250mm Wide Heavy Duty PVC Plank with a High Gloss Finish.


What is Ceiling Cladding?

Ceiling Cladding is a 250mm high gloss cellular PVC cladding plank. It is Available in 2 lengths of 3m and 5m options.

What is Ceiling Cladding used for?

Ceiling Cladding is used for ceilings in a nutshell, it is used to over clad existing material, or go from rafter to rafter giving a high gloss easy to maintain surface.

What is the best thing about Ceiling Cladding?

The best thing about Ceiling Cladding is its very simplistic with a tongue and grooved feature allowing efficient insulation with hidden fixings making it very pleasing to the eye.

Who are the type of customers that commonly use Ceiling Cladding (which industries/sectors/job types)

Ceiling cladding would be used by Hygiene cladding installers, decorators and builders of all industries.

Where is Ceiling Cladding most commonly installed?

Ceiling Cladding would be most commonly installed in areas where an easy to maintain surface is required along with a fresh clean appearance

When should Ceiling Cladding be considered and installed?

Ceiling Cladding should be considered when refurbishment work is carried out, where clean hygienic areas are required or even new builds to create a high quality finish to ceilings.

Is PVC Ceiling Cladding waterproof?

Yes PVC Ceiling Cladding is waterproof.

How do you clean PVC Ceiling Cladding?

You can clean PVC Ceiling Cladding with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.



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